Osteoporose Heilen

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How to recognize the risk of osteoporosis? What is osteoporosis and how does it develop? What are the risk factors? When should you go to the doctor? What are the treatments for osteoporosis? What precautions exist?

Osteoporose Heilen

Mr. Gogg: Welcome to the new issue of Time for Health magazine. Our topic this time: Osteoporosis – timely risk recognition. Together with our chiropractor Dr. Willibald Walter and Dr. Martin. How do you even realize your risk?

Was Ist Osteoporose? Symptome, Ursachen, Behandlung

Dr. Walter: There are different forms or degrees. Osteoporosis can be compared beautifully to the traffic light principle. Blue, come on, bones are fine. Yellow means osteoporosis and requires a certain attitude. Osteoporosis requires treatment with red pills. The problem is that osteoporosis doesn’t really cause pain and only shows up when it’s too late. That’s why osteoporosis treatment is often started too late. Too little exercise and an unhealthy diet can also contribute to the development of osteoporosis. However, osteoporosis cannot go unnoticed because it does not cause pain.

Dr: Brittle bones have nothing to do with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease of old age, occurring mainly in women after menopause and in men after the age of 60. So it’s not just a woman’s disease. Unfortunately, public health insurance companies do not pay for preventive treatment, which means that bone density can only be measured if a patient has a fracture. Only 25 percent of victims receive timely treatment because they undergo preventive examinations.

Dr. Walter: You have to distinguish between an athletic patient between the ages of 40 and 60, a non-athletic patient, or even an obese patient. There are several criteria for which I immediately test for osteoporosis. For example, patients who are at risk of falling. Osteoporosis can be caused by falls and related fractures, especially in the lumbar spine, but also in the head, neck, and hip regions. If someone takes a lot of medication, this is also a predisposing factor.

Dr. Walther: Throughout life, bone is continuously destroyed or remodeled with destruction and growth. If more bones are broken than are made, the bones are no longer strong. Then there is a form of therapy in which bone structure is blocked or maintained in growth.

Osteoporose Vorbeugen: Hausmittel Für Starke Knochen

Dr. Walter: There are several methods of measurement: ultrasound, CT-guided computed tomography and dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). In the global comparison, most patients were screened with DXA. Radiation exposure during this process is also very low.

Dr: Bones are most stable in the mid-30s, until then they form, and from that point on, they begin to decay at a rate of about one percent per year of their life. About 30% of the population has true osteoporosis, of which only 25% know they have it and receive appropriate treatment. To prevent osteoporosis, several factors need to be avoided. Nutrition is important here. Alcohol, coffee, fat, hot dogs and unbalanced nutrition play a big role. But there are also genetic factors that can’t do it. However, a person improves or worsens them in the course of life.

Dr. Walter: When bones are weak, you give them calcium and vitamin D. Often you have to wait too long. Osteoporosis, known and previously treated, responds better to conservative treatment.

Dr: So DXA is the safest and most dangerous test. Vertebral fractures heal well conservatively if they are treated promptly and do not wait until everything is completely destroyed.

Borax Gegen Dein Leiden: Wie Sie Erfolgreich Arthrose, Arthritis Und Osteoporose Heilen Können

Dr. Walter: No, both men and women can develop osteoporosis. Women get the disease earlier, often because of a hormonal imbalance. Moments later, the man won. In principle, people should be able to move around easily and be less stressed from sitting for long periods of time. Exercise as the first form of osteoporosis treatment remains unrecognized.

Mr. Gogg: If osteoporosis were to develop, keyword therapy, how would you do it? How is it treated?

Dr. Walter: A balanced therapy, perhaps with more calcium, more vitamins, dairy products and cheese, green vegetables, fruit. Also support through chiropractic if you find that the bones have weakened a bit but have not suffered from osteoporosis. There are several forms of osteoporosis treatment, depending on patient compliance. You must accurately interpret the clinical picture to them, or the treatment will not be successful. There are several ways to encourage bone formation, as well as ways to prevent bone loss through daily, weekly, monthly or yearly replacement.

Doctor: Now also have bone resorption inhibitory antibodies injected every 6 months or 1 year. A lot is happening in this area. For example, in the past, fluoride has been used, which strengthens bones but does not reduce fracture rates. This means that stability alone is not everything. Bones, even if you think they’re completely rigid, are flexible operating systems. There are also treatments that promote osteoporosis, such as in patients on long-term corticosteroid use, but cytostatic therapy also naturally causes osteoporosis. A healthy lifestyle involves being active, exercising, building good muscles, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding dietary risk factors and sun exposure. Repeatedly exposed to the sun, but not directly.

Osteoporose: Symptome Früh Erkennen Und Behandeln

Mr. Gogg: Now, if you compare the calcium content, is there any statistic that our compatriots from the southern region are more prone to osteoporosis than we are?

Dr. Walter: Of course, there are a lot of detailed statistics. It is getting closer and closer due to climate change and temperature changes. But in this case, we benefit from it. You should not be afraid of osteoporosis, it is not dramatic. You don’t die from osteoporosis, it’s stupid if the pain happens, but I think 50% of the pain can be avoided if something is done in time. Therefore, he again appealed to the audience: play sports, eat in moderation and do not be afraid of osteoporosis.

Mr. Gogg: Again, many thanks for this last call, gentlemen, and for this interesting exchange of views on the topic of osteoporosis. Time for health, be healthy and until next time.

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Hilfe Bei Osteoporose

Learn more about living with osteoporosis in our infographic or download our osteoporosis guide.

To us, bones seem to be hard, rigid and virtually unchanged structures. In fact, in a healthy body, bone substance is constantly being metabolized. Hormones, minerals, vitamins, and hormone-like messengers control much of this “recovery measure”. Up to 30 years, construction prevails. If more bone is destroyed than new bone is formed, bone will lose density and strength.

This is where the insidious process of osteoporosis can begin. Consequences as the disease progresses: includes bones becoming more fragile. There are basically two different forms of osteoporosis, primary and secondary osteoporosis.

About 95 percent of all diseases associated with bone loss are associated with primary osteoporosis, which is divided into two categories.

Osteoporose Ist Heilbar! Buch Von Martin Weiß Versandkostenfrei Kaufen

How does osteoporosis manifest itself? Early diagnosis is essential to start treatment quickly. This can have a positive impact on prognosis. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo a preventive examination. Older adults especially should listen to their body’s signals and see a doctor if osteoporosis is suspected.

The disease initially begins without any recognizable symptoms. A precursor to osteoporosis is called osteoporosis (decreased bone density). With regular examination and treatment, osteoporosis can be maintained at a constant level.

If osteoporosis develops, it can lead to a decrease in humpback height, as well as chronic, severe pain in the spine or sternum. Fractures with no known cause, such as a vertebral body fracture due to body weight, are also signs of osteoporosis. If you have these signs, see your doctor as they may indicate bone loss.

If osteoporosis is suspected, your doctor may measure bone density (bone density measurement). It provides information about the condition of the bones. DXA (Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry) measurement is widely used. Bone structure is assessed by X-ray. Depending on bone density, the absorbed radiation intensity is different. As a result, measurements can provide information about bone density:

Es Klemmt Bei Der Versorgung Der Volkskrankheit Osteoporose

There are several ways to prevent bone loss and preserve bone structure and bone mass for as long as possible. Young people should also take cardiovascular precautions to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

In addition to a diet rich in calcium (see our osteoporosis nutrition tips here) and vitamin D, the general organization recommendations are: