Jose Galvan Diseñador

Jose Galvan Diseñador – “10” is a collection that the designer communicates with his country and dedicates it to Málaga and Málaga.

“I moved away from the sea a few years ago. To leave the country means to leave home. To leave one’s country is to blindly enter a place where you never know what it has in store for you. I am came to you with my dance and my luggage and you changed my life without knowing it. Malacca, my roots; Isbilia, the city of my dreams; Málaga, my maritime country and my eternal spring flamenco. If this image became reality and that we were together to enjoy it every day, what would the dream be like?

Jose Galvan Diseñador

It’s never easy to talk about your love for something or someone, but after two years, nothing better than being able to dedicate my work to you. To you Málaga, to you, thank you for having made me what I am.” This is how Jose Galvan defines his new “10” collection.

José Galvañ: «he Podido Hacer Realidad Algunas Ideas Que Ya Tenía Y Que No Podía Adaptarlas A La Flamenca»

Form: Flamenco. This definition is the concept of the Jose Galvan collection. Balloon sleeve, tear-off reflex, volume… a classic offer always in step with the latest trends.

Colours: The first color scheme gives way to a warm color palette inspired by the Malaga sunset. The parade ends with a red and white block, the key colors of the season, José Galván’s house fashion: “I was able to concretize ideas that I had already realized and that I could not adapt to flamenco.”

The designer from Malaga presented his first collection for young people and guests, opening the facilities of his workshop to all kinds of customers.

One of the surprises of the 6th edition of SIK Handcraft & Fashion held at the end of June was designer Jose Galvan’s debut in party and bridal fashion. The man from Malaga, known for flamenco fashion, dares to surprise his first collection with a style completely far from polka dots and dots.

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Bulevar Sur interviewed José Galvan to know the details of “Essai”, his design for guests and brides, a new aspect with which he continues to conquer off-tables, stages, exhibitions and pilgrimages.

I thought about it for a long time and what really inspired me was the Málaga de Moda community that had room for some of the designers that are part of the SIK march. One of the contestants they had with them dropped out and I was asked to participate just a month before the parade. It seemed to me that it was the right moment and I threw myself.

No girls, I made very special orders, brides, guests… but the truth is that when I won the Marbella Crea award, it was with a set that was not flamenco, and the Malaga Crea was with a design that was between flamenco and guest It floated. These are my only two experiences, but this is my first full bridal and guest collection.

It was a crazy month because as soon as I said yes, I was also invited to make the costumes for the show which took part in the Italian festival, La Mort du Minotaure, designed by Eduardo Lille. It was a different experience because it’s the first time I’ve done something that doesn’t fit flamenco, everyone who sees it is surprised because it’s not flamenco at all. No borders, white dots and borders… I went elsewhere.

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As always, I am ultimately inspired by the music. When I was working, there was French music in the background (from the alternative band Friday on the sea) and that’s what kept me going. These are sober, “minimal” designs, with straight lines, geometry… We worked with crepe, gauze, a few sequins and geometric prints. The designs are made for late summer and other clothes that can be for fall and winter. We have 12 guest models and four bridal models, and we have long dresses, mini dresses, jackets, pants… In the end, when you plan a collection, you try to touch everything that the customer wants, I follow the trends and they don’t. I don’t manage 100% of what I do. I have colors and lines that I like, everything I do is because I like it and if I were a woman I would wear it. The best thing is that everything can go from the hallway to the street as it is, everything is very portable.

I didn’t miss him, but the truth is I did it out of respect. It’s not about proving anything, it’s about being responsible for the opportunity that was given to me. It’s my first time out of flamenco, my first contact with this sector and I want my style to be seen. Little by little, like a declaration of intent, showing where I’m going, what I can do and not be fooled.

Check out this post on ESSAI’s Instagram and all the details on Jose Galvan’s youth and guest series on the BLOG (link in story). And brides are looking for the unusual. #pendientes #lamagora #espejo #metacrilato #sik #invitadanoche #boda #bodas # #bodanoche #novia #pendientesbodas #pendientesfiesta #pendientesespejo #pendientesnoche #earrings A post shared by Lamagora (@lamagora on June 19, 60:00) in 39

Well, yes, it is an opportunity. When working with other types of clothing and patterns, non-flamenco clothing is treated differently. It’s true that flamenco has no borders anymore, but there are still borders if you want this set to sell. After all, it is fashion which in its enormous evolution has at least one language to respect.

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I’ve always wanted to create wedding and evening dresses, that’s it. With this collection I was able to implement the ideas that I had before and could not adapt to flamenco. I see the collection and I see myself, but for people it was something more unexpected. For me flamenco is flamenco and for everyone else I can do something else.

I think my girls are very linear. I am not at all baroque, I seek this purity. And in my models, I designed them. Neither big lines nor volume…

Stephen Rolland is a reference for many, this style. Elie Saab surprises me with its pure elegance. And on a national level, I think Roberto Díaz is doing an important thing, and one of the historic things, of course, is Balenciaga.

The Lamagora earrings are exclusive pieces from the Hats by Roiz collection and headpieces that are not ordinary headwear because we wanted to give them a chance.

José Galvañ En Simof 2019, Fotos Del Desfile

I can say yes, but the fact is that every year 50 bata decula baillaura can leave my studio, for conservatories, etc. Everything I have is command based, but complicated. My luck is that I have officers who come to see them from everywhere, also for companies that travel all over the world. If I didn’t have this aspect of dance, it would be complicated. We are a lot of flamenco fashion designers so I know they are open to other types of fashion. I did it out of artistic concern, because now we work all year round, but there comes a time when, as a creator and for the love of art, we want to get out of our comfort zone. My intention is to love it and be the second gate.

No, I mix, I don’t dance like before, I choose. In the summer I will direct a ballet that walks on the beach in Malaga, in September I will return to Madrid and we will go on tour, then maybe to Japan… But I have to balance the dates well, I have to like the project. Pick it up… Yes, most of the time I’m still active, from Malaga I live in Seville. From an early age he created dance costumes for famous pledges and shows such as “Mi Carmen flamenca” or “Viva” in which he also participated as a pledge.

During his long career as a collateral, he has received numerous awards such as the National Prize for Ubrique Dance or the Third Prize for Dance for Alegria La Perla de Cadiz. As a designer, “I” will be his sixth professional collection. His progress as a designer was recognized by his colleagues in the department and drew heavy criticism from the media.

Concept: The “I am” collection is based on the idea that “sometimes, to find yourself, you have to go back to your origin. After several years on the catwalk, I decided to create one of the most “In this collection strongly inspired by flamenco, I was not afraid to show my way of seeing flamenco women”, explains Galvan.

El Desfile De José Galvañ En Simof 2022, Todas Las Fotos

Shapes: A collection of classic patterns and shapes seen from the perspective of the flamenco woman of this century.

Colors: The designs have common points, floral prints and polka dots. In this base, Galvana shows a much brighter first part with whites, corals, yellows and lilacs, and a much more sober second part, where greens, reds and bottle blacks appear.

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