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Arnhem’s Musis Sacrem concert hall dates back 175 years and is probably the oldest concert hall in the Netherlands. Reason enough to ask cultural historian Ingrid D. Jacobs to write a book on the Sangeet Mandir.

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The author soon discovered that the Muses sacrum (meaning “dedication to the Muses” according to Wikipedia) did not leave his own record. Therefore, he must provide news, information and information from many sources. Archives of Het Gelders Orchestra (now Fionn) and Concert St. Cecilia. “They are important for archeology,” says Ingrid Jacobs. He also used a lot in the history of the Arnhem secretariat.

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Great names such as Willem Mengelberg, Gustav Mahler, Sergei Prokofiev, Maurice Ravel and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf have performed at the Muse Sacrum. But not only the musicians performed at Musas Sacral, there are other activities as well. Think of sporting events, political parties or movement meetings, exhibitions (electronics, art, dogs, etc.), film screenings, live performances, fancy balls, stadiums, refugee shelters, etc. Things can get out of hand, for example, when a young party wants to break a trash can in front of the museum. The police extinguished the fuse in time.

The Muses Sacrum was rebuilt several times over 175 years. A renovation in the 1890s gave it its current appearance. Because of the turrets and the roof line, some called Musis at the time “Kremlin of Arnhem”. Ingrid Jacobs tells the story of the concert hall from its beginnings to its latest transformation. It is exactly what the subtitle of the book says, “A Confused History.” For a year, the Dutch Navy was in charge of NATO’s Maritime Group 1. To this day, Germany is in charge of NATO. Commander Janet Moran handed over the flag to her successor, Flotilla Admiral Thorsten Marks, in Den Helder.

The Netherlands donated, among other things, the flagship and NH90 helicopter of the year. The instructions were taken from there. The first month Commander Ed van de Sande, then Morang agreed. They did this from Zr.Ms. Rotterdam, Zr.Ms Van Amstel, Zr.Ms. Seven states, Zr.Ms. Carol Dorman, and finally Zr.Ms. Trump. To date, the German ship FGS Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the new flagship.

It’s been a special year for the Navy led Flash Force, to say the least. At the beginning of last year, less than two months after Van de Sande took over from his Canadian predecessor, war broke out in Ukraine. Now all NATO planes are ready.

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For example, planes stay close to home. For example, I have worked a lot in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Moran told El Haynes that, “An important part of our mission is to deter any adversaries and reassure countries that are particularly concerned about Russia’s behavior.”

Countries such as Poland and the Baltic states appreciate the presence of ships. “We exercise with them, we go to the port, we light them to protect them if necessary, avoiding misunderstandings is important.

Moran said at today’s handover he is proud of everything that has been achieved. “From Lisbon in the south, Bergen in the north and Helsinki in the east, we have taken NATO’s message across Europe. We have shown that as NATO we can, if necessary, defend ourselves in these uncertain times.”

In addition to port calls and operations, the ship participated in several exercises. Consider, among other things, the large-scale Cold Response exercise in Norway, and REPMUS, which includes experiments with drones. However, during the naval cooperation, relations with two NATO candidates, Finland and Sweden, were strengthened. Some exercises involve working with other countries.

Museum Vlaardingen: Museum Over Kleurrijk Vlaardingen Aan De Rand Van Het Water. Kunst, Cultuur En Geschiedenis > Over Het Museum > Geschiedenis

Of course, the Dutch contribution did not stop after the transfer of command. The Navy will continue to serve NATO in a number of ways over the coming year. For Heritage Day 2019, all that glitters is gold. The theme of the cultural day is “Treasures of the Golden Age”. Will you be coming to this event on Saturday 13th April? The museum of Leidschendam-Vorburg can be visited for free. Leeds Shandam’s revamped lock-up area will also be open. This coincides with the kickoff of the water sports season, preferably under the golden summer sun.

Leedschandam-Wurburg is closely associated with the Golden Age. Think of Konstantin Huygens. As a poet, musician and art lover, he found himself at the center of culture and art. He is the Orange family’s secretary and adviser. Huygensquartier with the Ode Kerk and Hofwijk tell a lot about the period, as do the air de Vlieger and de Salamander.

On Heritage Day, historians ride horses through the districts. Meet Christian Huygens or Rembrandt van Rijn. They tell about their experiences and visit different historical places. You can also ride a historic bus. More information appeared at the beginning of April through local newspapers, shop papers and the VVV in Voorburg. (Herrenstraat 101) and VVV in The Hague.

The Golden Age was a prosperous period in Dutch history. in business, technology and science. And it was in that business that Williot was an important nerve. Fleet is one of the oldest and most frequented waterways in South Holland. Being close to major cities like The Hague and Leiden, it offers beautiful country houses and many water activities. Golden Age returns to the Valley on April 13.

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On April 13, Alderman Astrid van Eikelen started the Heritage Day in Fallburg and the beautiful year of Fallburg. In addition to our Cultural Friends, The Hague Bath Museum, Scouting Hubert Brandon, Stichting d’Oiwaart and Stalhouderij Hahnemaiser will also be present at the Heritage Days and open water sports season. For more information, please visit Make your plans for Saturday April 13th and enjoy the culture, heritage and the benefits of water sports in this beautiful district!

12.30-16.30 Hague Bus Museum free shuttle service on the historic bus between Voorburg and Leedschandam. It departs every 30 minutes from Stationsplein Voorburg.

Roen Dile Vlenardan 15.00-15.15 Roen Dile Vlenardan 15.00-15.15 Roen Dambaan 15.00-15.15 15.30 Dambaan Dambaan 15.00-15.00

11.00-16.00 Open Church and guided tour 11.00-16.00 Different Stations of the Cross and Marian Organ Exhibition. 16.00-17.00 Lecture Luc Rombouts – Carillon (€ 5, – for the restoration of the church tower)

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12.00-12.45 Mui Voorburg Earlier this year, Heerenstraat/van Schagenstraat, Alderman Astrid van Eikelen Koene of Voorburg uses the pump. After this, a mosaic of the city landscape will be raised. You are here: Home / News & Agenda / News / The Belgian Solar Team finished second after an impressive first entry in the Sasol Solar Challenge

Friday, September 16, 2022 – Today the Agoria Solar team placed second in the Solar Challenge. This is the first time that KU Leuven students have participated in this competition. After a lot of bad luck and technical problems with the battery they managed to finish second.

The delegation of KU Leuven students started their journey from South Africa last Friday. Already on the first day of the disaster, a sudden bump on the road caused the solar car to slide and slide to the ground. The team was able to repair the damage, but lost an important road as a result. Last night, a member of the competition team destroyed a BluePoint Atlas solar panel. The damage cannot be repaired and the team must start the final stage with the solar system malfunctioning. Belgium and the Netherlands were given a 10-minute penalty kick. In the past few days, they have been coming at each other, they have been fighting fiercely, and today they are suffering.

This concludes the Sasol Solar Challenge. We ran for 8 days. I came second. we learned a lot. Many new things happened, ready for it or not. A good example is, for example, a bull running on a road. we learned a lot. I want to come back in two years and aim to be the first. Kasper Martens (23 years old, Zuttendal), electrician in 2nd place after battles with Agoria Solar team

Grensland, Raymond Williams

Despite the setbacks that have occurred so far, the team was able to start the finals today. With only 10km behind the leaders, a bloody final stage was promised. Unfortunately,