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MereteNurturance is a blog of research based information on child development for caregivers of young and older children.  Here at Nurturance, I pledge to offer information including research findings and experiences related specifically to raising children in an unfamiliar location. Topics such as language development, comparing and contrasting cultural norms and expectations and mobility will be explored. 

Nurturance is designed to be a resource for families who are raising children far from home and familiar support systems. Cross cultural parenting, whether parents moved from one region to another or to an entirely new country, is rich and exciting but might also be challenging and isolating. Parenting is often considered to be the most rewarding yet challenging job in the world. Adults are entrusted with the care and keeping of brand new humans and are expected to guide them safely to adulthood. However parents are often thrust into the role with little training or preparation, no professional development and support and rarely do parents receive constructive, positive feedback on their job performance.

Nurturance blogger, Merete Kropp, is a mother of three children who are currently in their teens.  Merete has been an early childhood educator for 25 years and hasWhole Family a B.S. in Early Childhood  Education, an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and an M.S. in Language Education and Reading from Indiana University.

In addition to her love of young children, Merete is passionate about supporting and encouraging parents and teachers  to develop consistent routines and responsive interactions with children to enhance language development and foster creativity along with age appropriate independence. 

Merete’s Published Work


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