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Ask Nurturance: Parents tired of parenting advice

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Ask Nurturance: Parents tired of parenting advice







Dear M,

When I read parenting articles it seems like authors don’t pay enough attention to how stretched most families are now. In many families, both parents work and single parents have to work and parent their children at the same time. How can these writers expect people who are stretched to the max themselves and are not being nurtured, to nurture youngsters?

Name withheld

When I skim the headlines in popular parenting websites and magazines, I can see why parents may feel like experts constantly tell parents what to do. With titles like these:

17 Ways to Bond With Your Baby

15 Chores Your 10-Year-Old Should Be Able To Do

Read 15 Minutes Every Day!

Why Babies Need Sleep In The Same Room As Their Parents

It may seem impossible to keep up with all the things parents should and should not be doing!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, terribly busy and frustrated by so many people telling you what to do, try some of the following suggestions.

Unplug Put away the parenting books and magazines and switch off your devices. Stay away from parenting websites and shun social media when you feel pressure mounting.

Cut back Try to trim some of the activities and commitments you feel roped into. Allow yourself the luxury of saying no. Prioritize the demands on your time and energy and only focus on the most important ones. If you are feeling depleted and worn out, you may need time to recharge.

Reach out to a trusted friend Find a listening ear. Sometimes it helps to simply take some time to enjoy interactions with another adult, just for fun.

Connect with your kids in simple ways Make eye contact. Practice listening and responding to what they are really saying. Find a minute or two every day to snuggle and enjoy each other’s company. Arrange your schedule so you can maximize time together.

Trust yourself Chances are, you are already doing many (most?) of the things recommended in the articles that annoy you.

I absolutely agree with you: parents need nurturance too! Hang in there and don’t give up!

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