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Announcing Ask Nurturance: A New Weekly Feature

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Child Rearing, Recent | 0 comments

Announcing Ask Nurturance:  A New Weekly Feature

One of the most meaningful and interesting consequences of writing for and curating the Nurturance website and Facebook page over the last few months has been thought provoking exchanges with readers. Many of you have reached out with comments and questions that have inspired subsequent posts as well as numerous detailed email exchanges and phone calls. Some of the topics have included:

  • How do I best raise multicultural and multilingual children?
  • How can we implement and maintain routines?
  • Is sleep REALLY that important?
  • What are some developmentally appropriate ways to handle tween social interactions?
  • How can I best support my middle schooler’s social interactions?
  • What are some suitable resources for helping children deal with the death of a parent?
  • What should I do when I’m worried about my child’s apparent developmental delay?

In an effort to promote responsive interactions with the Nurturance audience, I am excited to announce the genesis of a new feature: a weekly Ask Nurturance column. Your questions and comments are welcome, as this column will be all about what you need, to point you in the direction of resources that you might find to be helpful in your current situations.

Do you have specific questions regarding the current developmental stages of your children?

Do you wonder what they are and should be doing in school?

Are you having issues related to sleep, nutrition or in sustaining healthy routines and boundaries?

Are you looking for recommendations for books to read to your children (or perhaps for your own reading pleasure)?

Use the form below to ask your question or make your comment. Alternately, questions can also be asked in the comments on Facebook, via private message or on Twitter @nurturance.

Please know that your confidentiality (and that of your children) will be respected at all times. If you are seeking additional private and personal support, use the form found here.  




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