Research-Based Parent Education and Support

Parenting Philosophy

I believe that children are a treasure entrusted to families and my main responsibility as a parent is to love and nurture each of my children to the best of my ability.



The single most important thing a parent can do for their child is to form a strong bond based on responsive interactions setting the stage for healthy brain development.

Research Based Child Rearing

I am committed to providing research based information on child development and parenting practices allowing parents to make informed choices about how to best nurture and raise their children.

Work With Me

John Bowlby once said, “If we value our children, we must value their parents.” Do you need nurturance as a parent? Are you looking for specific information or personal support and feedback for your family? For more information on personal consulting services…

"The heart of child rearing is to offer consistent care, affection, responsiveness and one-to-one social interaction, resulting in healthy brain development, positive behavior and success for growing children."

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